Photo by Alexa Singer

I'm an artist based in Montana, USA, who loves making lush color, juicy-unique artwork, & design. I also enjoy crafting brand identities, icons, and illustration work. I like a unique perception.

I am a Montana woman working for joy, intelligence, and thorough execution. I have patience. I value sustainable orchard farming, great foods, family, and Tibetan Terrier dogs, I design pragmatic houses with color. I am a cleaner, duster, washer, laundress & cook, too. I am devoted to learning and to a fair, just, inclusive, clean, world for all.


Triggers for gratitude-meditation. The soil, water, air. Montana made. Universal. Joy makers. Gems. Enjoying the magic.

Abstracts & Artwork

Color, shapes, flow, marks of the space inspired by hope and compassion. Added, the craft of painting.

Branding & Illustration

I enjoy the client relationship and meeting their needs through collaboration .


Love affair artwork

a few quick looks


a small selection

Flathead Lake watercolor with owner.

Glacier Camp

Hannemuhl Print

Glacier Goat for Bird Watcher, watercolor, collage,

Hannemuhl print

My favorite girl. Watercolor & oil, hannemuhl print.

A Diptych, corporate collection, oil on arches paper. 22' x 36”, each.

Chinese Oversight 9” x 12” watercolor and acrylic

The Cutbank for Hughes, 4’ x 2’, watercolor, oil,

Hannemuhl print

Siderius Dairy Barn, 19” x 13”, watercolor, oil , archival print

Black and White Triptych, oil.

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